Year: 2020

A glass tech breakthrough could could turn a Rolex into a smartwatch

The fact that 14 million smartwatches were sold around the world in the first quarter of this year demonstrates a continued hunger in wrist-worn technology. The Apple Watch alone outsold the entire Swiss watch industry last year. But despite their growing popularity, those wearables made by the likes of Apple, Samsung and Garmin seldom appeal to lovers of traditional-looking timepieces.

Brands including Breitling, Mondaine and Fossil offer ‘hybrids’ that combine smart tech with analogue dials, Frederique Constant’s ‘hybrid manufacture’ models mix mechanical movements with bluetooth functionality, and TAG Heuer’s Connected range replicates the look of a conventional watch through a

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How to stop your personal information leaking to the world

Getty Images / Kieran Walsh

The internet can be an obnoxious place, and the sharing culture of social media often runs counter to security and privacy best practices. Most of us have at some point shared our birthdays, photos of our loved ones, information about where we live and come from, and other content that perhaps shouldn’t be made public online.

In a worst case scenario, information you share online could be taken advantage of to pose a threat to your security or even physical safety. The fundamentals of securing your online presence are much the same regardless of what

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Who the hell is BOE, Apple’s new iPhone 12 screen supplier?

It’s a strange fact in the world of electronics that many competing brands you would think to be sworn enemies actually rely heavily on each other to make flagship products. This fact is thrown into sharpest relief when, as has happens frequently, companies sue each other while continuing to collaborate.

While Apple designs the market-leading CPUs that power its iPhone devices – and, soon, the silicon inside its MacBooks – the company has long relied on third-party manufacturers for its screens. Apple’s list of chosen suppliers has forever been dominated by big-name competitor brands, namely South Korea’s LG and

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OnePlus Nord review | WIRED UK

The OnePlus Nord is working overtime to flex; it’s a splashy, flashy £379 phone that would be a steal with half the cameras or half the RAM. Instead of building out a sensible Android all-rounder that cuts a bit of everything to scrimp, OnePlus has been seriously clever, almost playful in its approach to finding compromises for its new mid-ranger, the first in a Nord series.

Who’s it for?

The beauty of it for OnePlus is that this is a smartphone with an extremely broad appeal. The Nord could slurp up a hell of a lot of c.£400 sales that

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