Day: June 8, 2020

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Bayfield are everything we are looking for in a full service Signage and Printing partner. They work hard to make sure they are competitive and ‘on time’ is something we can depend on each time we place an order.

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Offset printing enables us to provide high quality print in large volumes. The finished product offers extremely high image quality that is clean, detailed and vibrant in colour.

Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for small business prints, competitive pricing while producing quality goods and service. All our canvas prints are printed on Anasazi, … Read More

Plans for coronavirus immunity passports should worry us all

If you’ve had Covid-19, an immunity passport could be your ticket out of lockdown — but even companies designing such systems aren’t sure it’s an idea that will or should ever be widely used.

An immunity passport or health certificate is a way of proving to others — your boss, an airline, or a bouncer at a bar — that you have antibodies against the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. It could be a piece of paper, a QR code or a colour code on an app, but regardless of the format, it aims to show you aren’t at risk of

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Google got rich from your data. DuckDuckGo is fighting back

From this summer, when you set up a new Android phone or tablet in Europe, you will be presented with an extra step: a choice screen to select your default search engine.

The screen is simple. Under a search icon and a short blurb are four options. One is always Google; the others vary depending on which country you’re in. Pick one of Google’s rivals, and its results – not Google’s – will appear in a home screen search widget and in the Chrome web browser. Its app will also be downloaded to the device.

The change is so

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What Apple’s Glass project can learn from Magic Leap’s mistakes

It’s easy to pinpoint where it all went wrong for Magic Leap. It wasn’t the dazzling demo videos or the ILM and Weta partnerships or even when Beyoncé was reportedly bored by an augmented reality mermaid. It was when we started to see the thing, what would become the Magic Leap One headset.

The startup’s idiosyncratic founder Rony Abovitz just announced he’s stepping down as Magic Leap pivots to enterprise, healthcare and defence. This comes after Abovitz announced he was looking to be bought out in March then raised a $350 million investment round, to add to the staggering $2.6

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