Day: July 11, 2020

Why I can’t stop thinking about The Last of Us Part 2

You’ve probably heard many things about the The Last of Us Part 2. You may have heard it’s a masterpiece – a landmark in interactive storytelling. You may have heard about its graphic violence and clumsy moralising. Killing is bad? We had no idea. You might even have heard it betrays fans of the first game, panders to “social justice warriors” and contains “gender propaganda”. People have “opinions” about this game. I do too. It’s bounced around my head more than any video game or film in recent memory because its flaws are thorny, knotty problems that draw attention

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How to take better photos with your iPhone camera

The iPhone’s default camera app is a relatively simple affair. For most people that has long been a positive thing, but there’s still plenty of hidden features and photography tricks to get the most from your iPhone photos, whether you have an older model or the more advanced on board cameras of the iPhone 11 series.

All of these photography tips and tricks can be used with the iPhone’s native camera app, so there’s no need to install anything new, shell out for any expensive apps, or have the faff of learning a new interface. Bonus. If we can teach

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