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You’re not the only one being annoyed by bad audio at work

Did you know that office workers lose 29 minutes of productivity every week because of poor sound quality?

That figure adds up – it’s almost two hours a month. That’s a huge amount of time – which means reduced output and lowered employee satisfaction. It’s a large amount of money, too: that 29 minutes of lost productivity means £389.48 of wasted expenditure annually per employee. If you’ve got ten members of staff, that’s nearly £4,000 lost per year – and it’s nearly £40,000 if your company has 100 staff. It’s a sum that can further spiral as more people spend

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Select The Right Theme For Your Business Twitter Site!

Businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition – or at least try to keep up – are starting to realize just how important social media is and how relevant it is for any online marketing company. MySpace and Facebook are no longer just for making personal connections. Twitter is the most used social site currently, making it one that all businesses should have a profile with that is actively used. As part of any online presence, companies need to consider many of the same things similar to setting up a main website, most importantly to select the right theme … Read More

How to choose the perfect wireless speaker for you

Lately, it seems, the market in wireless speakers has turned from a landscape into a minefield. Your choice is almost extravagantly wide now.

Every brand, from those you’ve never heard of to the world’s most famous names, seems to be involved. Every price point, from the equivalent of a couple of pints to the equivalent of a nice second-hand German car, seems to be covered. And every facility, from multi-room ability and voice control to waterproofing and humongous battery life, seems to be available.

Let’s not forget colours, shapes and sizes either. And this is before we even consider sound

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The best Garmin watch for running, cycling and more

When you feel it’s time to elevate your exercise from a steady walk down to the shops to lacing up for 10K or looking ahead to 2021 with marathon training, the chances are you’re now thinking of keeping some sort of record. Yes, you could just use an app that lives on your phone, but glancing down at your wrist to check your average pace without breaking a stride is definitely a lot easier to do.

Garmin has been making sports watches for a long time and, along with Polar and Suunto, dominates the conversation. Garmin watches have been built

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