The average person uses 142 litres of water a day. So why not bring some aquatic touches to your interior design? We’ve selected some of the most stylish water-inspired products out there.

LEGO 4100 Ice Cube Tray

This joyful silicone ice cube tray produces upscaled 1×1 and 1×2 LEGO bricks. It’s an official LEGO product (and ice minifigs are also available) and while, admittedly, you can’t actually make anything substantial with them, as the silicone moulding creates a smooth, rather than indented base, if these don’t bring a smile to your face, you’re beyond our help.

Price: £6.99 | John Lewis| Amazon

Ode Brew Grinder

From its San Fransisco HQ, Fellow is responsible for the most achingly cool coffee paraphernalia, and nowhere is their talent for pour-over perfection better represented than with the Ode Brew Grinder. With an aluminium form that’s definitely more MoMA than Maxwell House, this 4.5kg precision grinder has 31 coarseness settings – so the finest espresso grounds and chunky pour-over granules are equally well catered for. Plus, with a totally re-engineered 64mm professional burr grinding mechanism that uses a motor instead of the usual gearbox, noise levels should be kept down, while still maintaining the quality of the coffee.

Price: $279 | Fellow


This pod coffee machine was created for Coca-Cola Japan by design firm Nendo. Thanks to a soft pressurising system, brewing noise is reduced to a polite gurgle, while the minimalist design – equally flawless on all sides – means it is ideal for showcasing in the living room, rather than pushed against a wall in the kitchen. The softer brewing system means drinks are limited to Regular Black, Cafe Latte and Iced Coffee, rather than pressure-dependent espresso, but they offer a milder, altogether more Japanese approach to your Java.

Price: ¥13,800 | Nendo

Grohe Sense Smart

Given that one in ten of all new homes in England since 2013 have been built on land at the highest risk of flooding, and the effects of climate change being felt even in the Shires, it’s little wonder smart leak detectors like this stylish puck from Grohe are starting to appear. Battery powered and Wi-Fi connected, place the Sense Smart in a potentially soggy location and it will send an alert instantly to your phone to prevent disaster. Global warming aside, it works equally well behind the dishwasher, or in the bathroom when the kids are splashing about.

Price: £52.99 | Grohe | Amazon

Ohm Pendant Light

Designed by Kauppi & Kauppi and inspired by the porcelain insulators Ifö first manufactured in the early 1900s, this IP44 splash-safe pendant brings a little more interior design and lumen warmth to bathrooms than the usual water-rated wall lights and flush LED spots. The porcelain base – formed using a single stroke from a hydraulic press – is available in black or white, with three dome designs, including clear glass, allowing you to create a cohesive lighting scheme.

Price: from €180 | Ifö Electric

Casa Bugatti Jacqueline Kettle

You won’t find any Japandi minimalism at Casa Bugatti; the full-throttle design house rarely holds back with its creations, and nowhere is this more evident than with Jacqueline, their new electronic smart kettle with a shape inspired by a traditional ceramic teapot. It can be set to boil any temperature between 40?C to 100?C, and with handy timers, it can do it on demand, any time you like using the Bugatti B Chef App (Android, iOS). There’s also a keep warm and baby bottle temperature mode – just be sure to fill it before you go to bed.

Price: £299 | Amazon

Kärcher OC 3 Plus mobile outdoor washer

While it won’t blast years of grime from a filthy paving slab, this portable, battery-powered, seven-litre, five-bar pressure washer has just enough juice to tackle quick jobs such as muddy bikes, boots and dogs. The 2.8m spiral hose and nozzle slot neatly into the base when not needed, and at just 27cm long it won’t take up valuable boot space.

Price: £149.99 | Amazon

Kohler Numi 2.0 toilet

As you stagger half-asleep into the bathroom at 3am, the Numi 2.0’s integrated night light guides the way, lid opening automatically and seat pre-warmed. Once matters have been attended to, when you walk away, it flushes and closes on your behalf. Perhaps it’s IoT overkill, but this Alexa-controlled khazi brings a new level of luxury to your ablutions, with mood-enhancing LED lighting and surround-sound Bluetooth speakers streaming your preferred privy playlist, whether you’re in the mood for a blast of Release Me or Penny Lane.

Price: $9,000 | Kohler

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