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The Airtel Thanks app is not just a recharge app anymore. It has many other features to offer for its users. The newly launched Discover Page is just one of those user-centric features. The Discover Airtel Thanks app feature can help you stay updated on trending topics and news round the clock. 

We will discuss various sections of the Discover page in today’s article to help you understand this section of the app better. 

Let’s get started.

Various sections of the Discover page in the Airtel Thanks app

The Discover section covers different types of news and topics. If you are a person who struggles to find time to read about the trending topics of the world, the discover section is for you. 

Here are the different sections of the app:


The Pennywise stories are run every Tuesday in the Discover section of the app. As the name suggests, Pennywise takes up a current financial topic every Tuesday and explains the same in simple words through five story cards. The topics picked are ongoing and unique. You can find stories related to personal loans, credit cards, taxes, etc.

Social Pulse

The Social Pulse is a subscription-based daily edition. It takes up lifestyle-related topics which are relevant in nature. For example, some of the stories run in the month of January were “how to keep your woolens looking fresh all year”, “How to get rid of nasal congestion”, and “Sweater-weather – Trends for 2023”. You can tap on the ‘subscribe’ button to get more similar stories from the series. 


The PopCine is also a subscription-based edition. If you are looking for a list of trending songs for a special edition or movies to binge-watch, this is the section you should follow on the Discover page. 


The Offbeat section of the Discover page covers unique stories like current fashion trends which most people are not generally aware of. Some stories running in this edition include hair trends, accessories in fashion, etc. 

This day

Almost every day is some event to be celebrated. The ‘this day’ section tells users about why a date is significant. The story includes a small description of the history of the day with graphics. 

Historical artifacts

All history nerds assemble! The ‘Historical artifacts’ section does a story almost every day. It includes a picture of the artifact, period, artist, and other relevant details. The section is powered by the famous MET Museum. 

News stories

You can read a small description, watch a small news clip, or read a full news story in this section. Just swipe up to keep reading the day’s update in a clear and organized manner. Users can also share the story on other platforms. 

These are a few sections on the Discover page. All the stories can be shared easily with others. Moreover, you can customize your discover page by choosing your interest areas from the settings. Just tap on three vertical dots located at the bottom right corner of the page and click on manage interests. Select the interest areas and hit done to confirm the changes. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app to explore prepaid mobile recharge online, DTH, Broadband packs, OTT subscriptions and lots more.