December 8, 2022


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Direction-Finding With Help From The Steam Deck

Direction-Finding With Help From The Steam Deck

Course-finding, or fox searching, is a well known activity in ham radio circles in which a team of persons armed with radios try to track down a broadcasting source. In addition to staying a pastime for amateurs, it is also a necessary tool in the belt of regulators who are trying to keep track of down violators of the air house. There are a great deal of methods to figure out the precise site of a radio transmission, but this one manages to pull it off employing both a boat and a Steam Deck, each and every armed with a software package-outlined radio.

This task arrives to us from [Aaron] who is properly recognized in the novice radio circles for his SDR-centered Linux distribution termed DragonOS which has all the equipment desired for a quality SDR working experience, in this case KrakenSDR and DF Aggregator. He’s loaded almost everything up on a Steam Deck and remaining that in a secure locale on the shore of a lake, when he carries second gadget with the exact application with him on a boat. With the two equipment listening for a specific signal, he’s capable to speedily zero in on his good friend on the shore who is broadcasting on the 70 cm band thanks to the aid of all of these application offers.

When ham radio is not generally recognised for remaining a youthful and remarkable action, the advent of software-defined radio and other digital modes look to be shaking things up in that environment. Surely rushing about a lake on a boat is pleasurable on its very own as nicely, and a fox hunt like this can be completed with some thing as little and easy as a Raspberry Pi also. at?v=n3TPvgfWVgU