Is programming a good and profitable career path in the long run?

Is programming a good and profitable career path in the long run?

Working is a major routine of every adult as it is expected that people should work to earn a living. Generally, it is often advised that people should pursue a career in a field they are passionate about and that they love. This way, it would be easier and they would be happier doing their jobs since it is something they might be doing for at least 5 out of 7 days for most weeks.

Programming is one of the fields that people have built a career. One of the important things people want to know when they want to choose a career is if the career will be profitable for them. Most people will choose a profitable career even if they don’t love it much over an unprofitable career they are passionate about. This is considering careers are supposed to sustain you, you can have hobbies for fun. Hence, it is normal to want to know if programming is going to be profitable in the long run before you delve into it.

Programming is the development of applications that can be executed by a computer to achieve a particular computing task. Over the years, there have been many computer applications that we use both on our computers, phones, and other forms of computers that we have scattered around us. All of these gadgets are powered by software, making programming currently be very lucrative.

We live in a period where it is believed that the computer will take up a lot of jobs in the future. The implication is that many jobs that are lucrative or highly in demand today might no longer be needed. Examples include the threat of driverless cars taking over the jobs of drivers with other machines getting more automated, thereby needing little to no human operation. In the past, traffic lights have taken the jobs of nothing less than 5 million traffic wardens across the world, as they automatically direct cars without the need for physical presence.

 Since the major threats to most jobs that are believed are going to go extinct is the computer, it goes to reason that there will always be the need for computers and those that can work on it. The implication is that programmers will often be needed to fix faulty systems and improve on the systems. Hence, not only is programming going to remain a lucrative job but the demand for it will increase and the income for programmers is expected to continue to increase.

Fortunately, anybody can be a programmer today. Many people started on different career paths and delved into programming who are doing well in the programming world. Depending on how much time you can spare and your mode of learning, you could easily become an intermediate programmer from a beginner within 6 months. Within 2 years of regular 2 hours of study and learning 5 times a week, you could already become an expert to professional. Many online platforms have great materials and more online courses that can help you become a programmer. You might want to read Codecademy reviews to know about their online courses and if other people that have used their online courses have good things to say about the platform. At the end of the day, what is going to help you to improve quickly is how much practice you put the knowledge you get to that will determine how quickly you become a programmer.