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Almost every business knows WordPress, especially if they are interested in or involved with website development and design. A brand’s website is its identity online, so investing in the right domain host is necessary to create a unique brand personality. 

Since WordPress is the initial choice for most businesses, it is essential to note that not all businesses have the expertise to accommodate the requirements to create and manage WordPress websites. 

Businesses often opt for external solutions like WordPress Hosting in NZ and worldwide. However, as free and paid WordPress Hosting is available, people often get tied down by the limitations of a free WordPress Hosting plan. 

This blog will discuss some of these limitations and quick ways to avoid them. 

Common Limitations of Free WordPress Hosting

  • Limited Resources

The prime requirement for any website owner is ample storage space and bandwidth, among other elements, to maintain great website performance. 

However, some free WordPress hosting companies divide minimal resources amongst multiple users, making it difficult for a website to maintain its overall performance and user experience.

  • Lack of Support

Between free and paid WordPress hosting, more priority is given to the paid users, making it difficult for businesses with the free plan to get necessary support when needed. 

This is highly alarming when the website crashes or has issues directly impacting performance, speed, or user experience.

  • Forced Advertisements

This is a significant limitation for all businesses using free WordPress Hosting as random advertisements on a business website can cause poor user experience, directly impacting website bounce rate. 

This reduces conversions for the business while also increasing load time in some cases.

  • Low Security

Some free WordPress hosting companies do not invest enough to secure the website on their server. 

This is a severe threat to businesses as they are sensitive. Essential information and data are vulnerable to hacking threats, and they can lose this critical data bank if not taken care of.

  • Limited Freedom For Customization

Some free WordPress Hosting plans do not allow the use of your unique domain name without adding their domain. This can cause a poor reputation or lack of trust from the potential users, creating a gap and causing a loss of sales.

Moreover, some free WordPress hosting plans also reduce customization scope by limiting the type and category of plugins and themes allowed for integration.

Top Ways to Avoid Free WordPress Hosting Limitations

  • One way to avoid the common concern of limited resources is to either research and choose the right free hosting server for WordPress or adopt optimization techniques to use the limited resources best.
  • For high-security concerns, pick only those free WordPress Hosting that permit integration of safety plugins to add additional layers of protection.
  • Double-check all the available built-in features, permissions for plugin integrations, level of customization, etc., before choosing any free WordPress Hosting.
  • Always research different free WordPress hosting companies before finalizing one to avoid choosing the one with bad reviews or poor experiences from other users, as this can reflect poorly on your market image.


The choice between free WordPress Hosting or a paid one depends on multiple factors, the reputation and performance of the host being the primary factor. 

There is no harm in choosing a cheap website hosting for WordPress or a free WordPress Hosting service, provided the features offered are not limited.

It is crucial to assess all the different features you receive from any free WordPress Hosting service before making the final choice. Your website is your brand’s first point of contact online, so ensure you choose the right one.