How to pimp Google Meet to give it Zoom’s best features

Zoom may have emerged as the poster child for video conference apps during the coronavirus pandemic, but being thrust aggressively into the spotlight has not come without its issues for the company, most recently nagging questions regarding privacy.

But as well as showing which video app is most popular, our current situation has highlighted where others have been resting on their laurels having squandered years that could have been spent finessing their own online conferencing solutions, adding sticky extras and even fripperies designed to edge their offering ahead of the competition. It is telling that not until it became clear

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Samsung nailed folding screens. Don’t expect Apple to follow

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is the very shiniest folding phone that a not-insignificant chunk of cash can buy, and the only one to have real glass in its screen. And now, Samsung’s set about commercialising its Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) technology.

The Z Flip display’s ultra-thin glass was a major marketing point for Samsung, but as the phones made their way into the hands of disassemblers, it rapidly became apparent that the 30 micron (micrometre; μm) layer of UTG isn’t the only thing covering the flexible AMOLED.

Tear-downs have shown that there’s plastic on top and glass, which can be cracked

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Why is TikTok creating filter bubbles based on your race?

On TikTok, all is not as it seems. Engage with dance videos and you’ll start seeing more people doing the Renegade. If you linger on a TikTok dog, it will give you puppies galore.

But TikTok’s algorithmic obsession with giving you more content that it thinks you will like is having an unintended consequence: it’s started recommending people new accounts to follow based on the physical appearance of the people they already follow.

This week Marc Faddoul, an AI researcher at UC Berkeley School of Information, found that TikTok was recommending him accounts with profile pictures that matched the

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From watches to bags, this stylish gear will stop you feeling blue

Kate Bush apparently spent a lot of the 70s looking at blue, “the colour of my room and my mood”. We’re inclined to follow the singer’s example when it comes to aesthetics, at least, which brings us to this list: our edit of true blue-hued accessories from cobalt telecasters to cerulean light panels. Just something to look at.

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Fender American Ultra Telecaster

It looks every inch a classic Telecaster, this Cobra Blue beauty is part

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