How do you control an AI as powerful as OpenAI’s GPT-3?

The world has a new AI toy, and it’s called GPT-3. The latest iteration of OpenAI’s text generating model has left many starstruck by its abilities – although its hype may be too much.

GPT-3 is a machine learning system that has been fed 45TB of text data, an unprecedented amount. All that training allows it to generate sorts of written content: stories, code, legal jargon, all based on just a few input words or sentences. And the beta test has already produced some jaw-dropping results. But after some initially promising results, GPT-3 is facing more scrutiny.

The model

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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases you can buy right now

You’re probably here because you Googled ‘best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases’. If so, feel free to skip the intro and scroll down – that’s what you’re after. If you stumbled across this page with a fortuitous misclick we have a story to share.

It’s March 2007. You’ve just picked up the Nokia N95, and you feel like a dark wizard. Wi-Fi? GPS? A headphone jack? This is humanity’s single greatest achievement to date.

Your euphoria is sadly cut short when, by some malignant twist of fate, the N95 dives from your pocket, and skitters painfully across the pavement. The screen’s

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Carl Pei on why OnePlus is coming back to fix its biggest mistake

Who would have thought even two years ago that the key scrap in 2020 smartphone sales would not be bells-and-whistles laden flagship handsets, but the unglamorous market of mid-tier mobiles? But that’s exactly where we’re at right now. Why? Mid-tier is where the money is. People are fed up with incremental gains on devices that cost north of a grand as last year’s best tech adorns the latest phones that cost less that half the cash.

Founded less than seven years ago by Carl Pei and Pete Lau, OnePlus is now third behind Apple and Samsung for premium phone sales

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Lockdown is making people buy smaller, cheaper TVs. That’s bad

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was originally slated for this Friday, July 24. That date was decided upon years ago – but by March 24 of this year the International Olympic Committee had bowed to the inevitable. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will now take place in 2021.

As is now all too apparent, a global pandemic has knock-on effects at every level of every society. The Japanese government is already over ¥1 trillion (£7.5 billion) in the hole due to the Olympic postponement – and that number is only going one way between now and

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