December 8, 2022


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Quick Reload For Your Glue Sticks: The Glue Gun Six Shooter

A hot glue gun with a revolving stick holder on the back

They say that the two crucial goods in any toolbox are WD-40 and duct tape: one particular thing to make things shift and one more matter to prevent stuff from shifting. Lots of hackers would argue that the 3rd vital resource ought to be warm glue — it stops stuff from going, but however makes it possible for you to shift it later if you make your mind up which is greater soon after all. It also operates on hundreds of stuff ranging from macaroni to microcontrollers. And let us be straightforward: who hasn’t done the “pew pew” issue with their glue gun?

[Vije Miller] resolved to give his sizzling glue dispenser a little bit of a western vibe and crafted himself a Glue Gun Six Shooter. Like an Old West revolver, it has a rotating cylinder with 6 rounds of ammunition that lets you carry on gluing right away even if your glue adhere runs out in the center of a position. A small change on the facet of the barrel starts off the reloading sequence: a single servo rotates the cylinder, then an additional a person chambers a spherical. Both equally are managed by an Arduino Nano, which is run by a 5 V USB power offer hidden in the grip.

A pink laser under the barrel presents the user a improved intention, as well as a little bit far more “pew pew” capacity. The relaxation of the gun is quite common, related to what we’ve observed ahead of in a teardown. If you are wanting for one thing a lot more large-tech, verify out [Ben Heck]’s supreme glue gun.

Thanks for the idea, [Fiona Grutza]!