Select The Right Theme For Your Business Twitter Site!

Select The Right Theme For Your Business Twitter Site!

Select The Right Theme For Your Business Twitter Site!

Businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition – or at least try to keep up – are starting to realize just how important social media is and how relevant it is for any online marketing company. MySpace and Facebook are no longer just for making personal connections. Twitter is the most used social site currently, making it one that all businesses should have a profile with that is actively used. As part of any online presence, companies need to consider many of the same things similar to setting up a main website, most importantly to select the right theme for a Twitter account to appropriately represent a company. Are you searching for an affordable New Orleans web design team?


Although it may seem that a company’s Twitter profile isn’t so important, this is call center monitoring not true as most people view tweets in their own feed. Even though most tweets are only seen daily on a feed, profile pages are visited at least once when deciding whether or not to follow and more often if looking for information like a website address or Facebook link. Never changing the purchased stock theme sends a message that a company is not interested in current social media as Twitter is basically a micro-blogging extension of any business’ internet location. Knowing this, creating a fitting theme for a company is essential if wanting to use this social spot to its best advantage.

Themes and Branding

Twitter pages should be considered an equal part of an entire web package and be designed with a theme that matches a company’s other internet locations. The same design elements, logos and typefaces can all be incorporated into a theme that matches the main website, all of which will work together to increase brand recognition. What should be avoided is using stock decorative or readily available personal looking themes since this can also send the wrong message to anyone visiting a profile page. Use features and designs that allow any viewer to know that the site belongs to a business, organization or other brand. Just as some website designs are inappropriate for business use, so are some Twitter themes.


Twitter is really easy to customize since it has very few options other than the background and a place for a website link and profile information. Coming up with the background can be done in Photoshop with the right colors and a logo, then imported into the profile page. Customization should always be as complete as possible, making the best use of the available limited space. Be sure there is a working link to the company’s website and even to its Facebook page. The profile information field should be filled out with a short, descriptive statement about the company, what is currently being offered, any current promotions, and any recent announcements. There isn’t much space to use, so make the best use possible of that space.

Once a company Twitter account has been set up and the layout has been designed, it should be clearly evident to all viewers that it is a branded business location and ready for use. Tweet about company news, new products and promotions, polls, surveys or anything else. Send links to blog updates and Facebook posts, anything to keep the inbound links to the main website moving. Of course, it is possible to overdo here; however, a tweet or two every day is a great way to keep that branded name periodically passing before many viewers’ eyes. If the correct theme is chosen and appropriately used with a targeted audience in mind, visitors will stop to visit the profile and check out a link to the website – where real results can be achieved!