Our pick of the kit you need for creating the ultimate kitchen

Anyone who has tried to slice a tomato using a blade as dull as a Matt Hancock-helmed government daily briefing will need no convincing that at least part of the secret to success in the kitchen is having reliable, quality culinary gear to hand.

This can come in the simplest form of written expert advice – cookery book in other words – through eco options for java junkies and right up to science solving the age-old issue of how to deal with wine spillages.

And as there could still be a month or so before restaurants are allowed to open,

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Why is TikTok creating filter bubbles based on your race?

On TikTok, all is not as it seems. Engage with dance videos and you’ll start seeing more people doing the Renegade. If you linger on a TikTok dog, it will give you puppies galore.

But TikTok’s algorithmic obsession with giving you more content that it thinks you will like is having an unintended consequence: it’s started recommending people new accounts to follow based on the physical appearance of the people they already follow.

This week Marc Faddoul, an AI researcher at UC Berkeley School of Information, found that TikTok was recommending him accounts with profile pictures that matched the

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