Garmin thinks solar charging is more than a sports watch gimmick

Camping is back on, unlimited outdoor exercise is permitted and Garmin has decided now is as good a time as any to launch three new solar charging sports watches: the Instinct Solar, Fenix 6 Pro Solar and Fenix 6S Pro Solar.

Garmin doesn’t particularly want you to care about solar itself, more what it means for how long you can go between charges. Since the launch of the Fenix 6X Solar last year, though, its outdoor teams have turned what was an experiment into a serious investment. Now we’ve got a much better idea of how useful it could be:

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The best Garmin watch for running, cycling and more

When you feel it’s time to elevate your exercise from a steady walk down to the shops to lacing up for 10K or looking ahead to 2021 with marathon training, the chances are you’re now thinking of keeping some sort of record. Yes, you could just use an app that lives on your phone, but glancing down at your wrist to check your average pace without breaking a stride is definitely a lot easier to do.

Garmin has been making sports watches for a long time and, along with Polar and Suunto, dominates the conversation. Garmin watches have been built

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