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The OnePlus Nord is working overtime to flex; it’s a splashy, flashy £379 phone that would be a steal with half the cameras or half the RAM. Instead of building out a sensible Android all-rounder that cuts a bit of everything to scrimp, OnePlus has been seriously clever, almost playful in its approach to finding compromises for its new mid-ranger, the first in a Nord series.

Who’s it for?

The beauty of it for OnePlus is that this is a smartphone with an extremely broad appeal. The Nord could slurp up a hell of a lot of c.£400 sales that

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Carl Pei on why OnePlus is coming back to fix its biggest mistake

Who would have thought even two years ago that the key scrap in 2020 smartphone sales would not be bells-and-whistles laden flagship handsets, but the unglamorous market of mid-tier mobiles? But that’s exactly where we’re at right now. Why? Mid-tier is where the money is. People are fed up with incremental gains on devices that cost north of a grand as last year’s best tech adorns the latest phones that cost less that half the cash.

Founded less than seven years ago by Carl Pei and Pete Lau, OnePlus is now third behind Apple and Samsung for premium phone sales

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This is what the OnePlus 8 Lite should look like

The first OnePlus phone arrived in 2014 at £279, less than half the current cost of the OnePlus 8. Its higher end OnePlus 8 Pro is more expensive than the iPhone 11.

OnePlus has been accused of losing its original value-packed appeal, which saw it rise with the viral intensity of the most popular Kickstarter projects at crowdfunding’s peak. But unlike the £599 jetpack you “ordered” and never received on Kickstarter, the OnePlus One was real, quite brilliant, and the best value phone you could buy in 2014.

OnePlus repeated the same successful formula several times, turning a lack of

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