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The OnePlus Nord is working overtime to flex; it’s a splashy, flashy £379 phone that would be a steal with half the cameras or half the RAM. Instead of building out a sensible Android all-rounder that cuts a bit of everything to scrimp, OnePlus has been seriously clever, almost playful in its approach to finding compromises for its new mid-ranger, the first in a Nord series.

Who’s it for?

The beauty of it for OnePlus is that this is a smartphone with an extremely broad appeal. The Nord could slurp up a hell of a lot of c.£400 sales that

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Samsung Sero review: The rotating TV no one asked for

As you’re reading this, countless designers and marketers around the world are rifling through our attributes and sorting us accordingly. From boomers to zoomers, to millennials and Gen Zs, our needs and desires are being meticulously catalogued and predicted.

Enter the Samsung Sero. Or Samsung, The Sero, if you’d rather be technical. Aimed at the millennial-laden social-media crowd, it wants to change the way you consume Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and more, with an eye-catching party trick – the ability to rotate from horizontal to vertical at the touch of a button. The fact that Samsung provides instructions to turn the

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Google Pixel Buds review (2020): Time to plug Google into your brain

You’ve got your Nest Mini and your Google Home. You’ve got your Nest Hub Max. You’ve got your Chromecast and your Stadia. Actually, you probably don’t have the Stadia. You’ve got your Pixel phone. Your every waking hour is spent interacting with Google’s products and services. So you might as well go all-in and plug Google into your skull. Such is the promise of the second-generation Pixel Buds, Google’s competitor for Apple’s AirPods. It’s almost pointless to review these headphones as headphones. In summary, the first Pixel Buds were bad. The new Pixel Buds are pretty good. But these aren’t

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Sony Xperia 1 II review

Someone stuck an Alpha camera on the back of a tiny Bravia TV. For the new Sony Xperia 1 II, that is. Sony has tended to put out-and-out quality ahead of just about any practicalities with its smartphones, and this £1,099 flagship Android phone isn’t about to throw out the formula now, despite the dismal sales figures.

Sony has stubbornly ignored a number of big phone trends over the past half decade, but this time there’s a sense that it has finally found a compromise between pursuing pure performance and building a phone you could actually live with.

Who’s it

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