How to stop your personal information leaking to the world

Getty Images / Kieran Walsh

The internet can be an obnoxious place, and the sharing culture of social media often runs counter to security and privacy best practices. Most of us have at some point shared our birthdays, photos of our loved ones, information about where we live and come from, and other content that perhaps shouldn’t be made public online.

In a worst case scenario, information you share online could be taken advantage of to pose a threat to your security or even physical safety. The fundamentals of securing your online presence are much the same regardless of what

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Why I can’t stop thinking about The Last of Us Part 2

You’ve probably heard many things about the The Last of Us Part 2. You may have heard it’s a masterpiece – a landmark in interactive storytelling. You may have heard about its graphic violence and clumsy moralising. Killing is bad? We had no idea. You might even have heard it betrays fans of the first game, panders to “social justice warriors” and contains “gender propaganda”. People have “opinions” about this game. I do too. It’s bounced around my head more than any video game or film in recent memory because its flaws are thorny, knotty problems that draw attention

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From watches to bags, this stylish gear will stop you feeling blue

Kate Bush apparently spent a lot of the 70s looking at blue, “the colour of my room and my mood”. We’re inclined to follow the singer’s example when it comes to aesthetics, at least, which brings us to this list: our edit of true blue-hued accessories from cobalt telecasters to cerulean light panels. Just something to look at.

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Fender American Ultra Telecaster

It looks every inch a classic Telecaster, this Cobra Blue beauty is part

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