A glass tech breakthrough could could turn a Rolex into a smartwatch

The fact that 14 million smartwatches were sold around the world in the first quarter of this year demonstrates a continued hunger in wrist-worn technology. The Apple Watch alone outsold the entire Swiss watch industry last year. But despite their growing popularity, those wearables made by the likes of Apple, Samsung and Garmin seldom appeal to lovers of traditional-looking timepieces.

Brands including Breitling, Mondaine and Fossil offer ‘hybrids’ that combine smart tech with analogue dials, Frederique Constant’s ‘hybrid manufacture’ models mix mechanical movements with bluetooth functionality, and TAG Heuer’s Connected range replicates the look of a conventional watch through a

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How to turn on dark mode on all your apps and devices

Many people will be familiar with the feeling: after hours spent looking at screens your eyes get tired and the white background of just about every web page and app can seem blinding, no matter how low you turn down the brightness.

Dark mode is there to help. It switches the colours of your screens, to give everything a black or dark background with white text and objects. You can use it on your phone or computer, on just specific apps or across a whole operating system.

Fans of dark mode will wax lyrical on the benefits – that it

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