Farewell terrible Apple EarPods, you won’t be missed

We’re now halfway through 2020, and it’s fair to say it’s been a rough year so far; there’s a deadly pandemic sweeping the globe, the job market is broken, the economy is in the bin, and, somehow, Apple EarPods continue to exist.

Things are looking up, though! Sure, we’re heading for a second wave and the economic situation isn’t looking great, but there’s talk that this could finally be the year that Apple EarPods cease to exist (if you discount the 19 pairs you have hidden away in drawers around your home, each one tangled into an impossibly tight

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Coronavirus contact tracing apps were meant to save us. They won’t

When you’re in the supermarket queue in January 2021 – socially distanced from those around you by two metres – and the phone in your pocket buzzes with a notification from the contact tracing app you installed six months ago, the routine will be familiar. After all, you have been through the process multiple times already.

Someone you crossed paths with last week – the app doesn’t tell you who – has tested positive for coronavirus. It tells you to go home straight away. You must self-isolate until a test has been completed. The test, as with those before

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