How to add some creative flair to your work from home setup

Apple iPad Pro; Genusee Cookies n’Cream eyewear; SanDisk iXpand Charger; UE Wonderboom 2; Osuza Canvas backpack; Copic Original (set of 72)

Christopher Mitchell/WIRED

Even as studios and offices open up, everyone’s slowly realising that these make-shift, work-from-home workspaces aren’t quite as temporary as we first thought. So whether you’re back at your desk, a full-time homebody or planning to walk/cycle/non-peak travel between the two, it’s unquestionably time for a refresh.

Apple iPad Pro

The iPad aimed squarely at creatives features an all-screen design and Face ID. Powered by an A12X Bionic chip with a neural engine, it has 8-cores, up

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You’re not the only one being annoyed by bad audio at work

Did you know that office workers lose 29 minutes of productivity every week because of poor sound quality?

That figure adds up – it’s almost two hours a month. That’s a huge amount of time – which means reduced output and lowered employee satisfaction. It’s a large amount of money, too: that 29 minutes of lost productivity means £389.48 of wasted expenditure annually per employee. If you’ve got ten members of staff, that’s nearly £4,000 lost per year – and it’s nearly £40,000 if your company has 100 staff. It’s a sum that can further spiral as more people spend

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Dominic Cummings got his British Darpa. Can he make it work?

Getty Images / Hollie Adams / Stringer

During the 2019 general election, senior Number 10 advisor Dominic Cummings’s personal motto was reportedly, “Get Brexit Done… then Arpa”. If post-Brexit Britain is to be the global capital of science and technology as Cummings and Boris Johnson propose, a UK version of the US’s Advanced Projects Research Agency (Arpa), currently called Darpa, is an important foundation. Since its creation in 1958, Arpa has played a pivotal role in developing breakthrough technologies as broad and impactful as the internet, GPS, robotics and supercomputing.

The plans have cleared the first hurdle:

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