The Complete Guide To Email Hosting

A Complete Guide to Email Hosting for Business - Tritan Solutions

Despite the emergence of instant messaging technologies, emails have maintained their place as the preferred mode of communication in businesses. Even today, a lot of sensitive information is exchanged over official emails. Hence, it is important to ensure that the email accounts used by employees are secure and perform as per the business requirements. Many business owners use a free email account for business purposes since these accounts offer security and good performance. However, an email hosting service offers a range of benefits to businesses that cannot be ignored. Today, we will offer a short guide to email hosting to help you find the best business email hosting plan.

What is email hosting?

If you look at the generic term, email hosting means the service that hosts your email. When you send and receive emails, it needs an email server to run the requests and store messages and attachments. Like web hosting, you can have an in-house email server or buy a service. This service allows you to have email addresses with your domain/business name.

How to get a business email account?

There are three ways to get a business email account:

  1. Email hosting as a part of the web hosting package – When you buy a web hosting plan, most providers offer domain email hosting bundled with web hosting. The cost of email hosting is included in the web hosting plan, and you can set up your business email accounts in no time. However, these email accounts offer limited storage and features.
  2. Enterprise Email or Software as a Service (SaaS) – Many free email hosting providers like Google, Microsoft, etc., offer email hosting services with powerful features and a pay-per-user facility. When the accounts are set up, you have to manage a lot of administrative tasks. Also, as the number of users increases, the costs can go up fast.
  3. Business Email Hosting (dedicated) – Dedicated business email hosting service the most flexible and cost-efficient. Ihis offers a range of benefits, including:
    1. Improves brand consistency and helps create the impression of a professional brand since the email address has your domain name
    2. It is easily scalable, and you can add the storage or user accounts or both cost-efficiently with a business email hosting account.
    3. You can customize the security of your email account(s) based on the criticality of the information being shared.
    4. Reputed email hosting providers offer maximum uptime. It is essential if you are exchanging ‘mission critical’ information over emails.
    5. Most email hosting solutions can easily integrate with other tools and boost your workflow.

Things to remember

If you decide to buy a business email hosting service, then ensure that you keep the following things in mind:

  1. It should be easy to use since multiple employees will use the service several times a day.
  2. The email hosting provider must use the latest security measures to protect the email server from hackers.
  3. The service should be easily scalable.
  4. The provider must offer flexibility in allocating storage based on the user’s needs and not standard across all users.
  5. An uptime assurance of 99.9%+.

Summing Up

An email plays an integral part in your business. Hence, it is important to ensure that you set up your organization’s emails using the best option – bundled domain email hosting, enterprise email hosting, or dedicated email hosting. Good Luck!