Ways to earn high-quality backlinks

The quality of your website’s backlinks can greatly impact your search engine rankings. Thus it is important to get a high-quality backlink. It is hard to get a good quality backlink but it is not impossible. You can certainly purchase backlinks if you wish to. We have pointed out certain ways that would highly increase your chances of getting high-quality backlinks to your website.

Write guest articles

Guest blogging is the way of publishing content on other websites that are popular or have higher traffic. Through guest blogging, you are reaching a larger audience along with the audiences getting new content. This is beneficial for your website as you will get exposure and your site will get more audience. This will create an online reputation for yourself which you can use to earn backlinks. When the audience likes your content, they might want to share it, therefore increasing your reach and chances of getting a backlink. 

Provide infographics

Almost everyone loves visual data like infographics. They are easy to look at and understand. This increases the chances of your content getting popular and increasing the traffic and therefore valuable backlinks. Infographics can make boring statistical data look appealing. Moreover, these are images and are easy to share. 

The broken-link building method

You could either purchase backlinks or use the broken-link building method which is a common method of earning backlinks. It is a great way to create one-way backlinks. In this technique, you need a webmaster which could report broken links on a particular website. After this, you recommend those websites with broken links to replace their broken link with your link. Since this is a favor which you are doing to the publisher, there are high chances that you would get a backlink to your website. 

To implement this technique, you need to install the Check my Links plugin on Google Chrome. Next, you have to find websites that are relevant to your niche. You could easily find them using a google search. After using the plugin, you will get a list of all 404 error links on the page. Now, reach out to the webmaster and inform about the broken links and recommend him/her your link. This is where having a similar niche is important because no webmaster would like their visitors to connect to a page that is completely different than their content. If the webmaster accepts your recommendation, there are high chances you will get high-quality backlinks.


When you purchase backlinks or implement this technique, your website is surely going to get a huge boost.