What are the Benefits of SiteLock Security for Your Website?

13 Benefits of SiteLock Website Security For Your Site - BigRock Blog

Cybersecurity today is a much bigger problem than ever before—especially since the global pandemic. In March 2020, Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre observed the rise in COVID-related ransomware and phishing attacks—simply because in the work-from-home situation, individuals are more likely to connect to open and unsecured networks that pose greater security risks. 

Moreover, small businesses or websites without a robust security posture and infrastructure face similar attacks and online threats—resulting in huge business and revenue losses. This calls for a security measure to protect your website and business from malware attacks. 

Enters SiteLock Website Security

SiteLock is a cloud-based website security measure that monitors your website regularly to detect and remove potential threats and vulnerabilities—protecting your website and Hosting Server against malware and other malicious cyber attacks. 

In this article, we’ll see several benefits of this effective and economical tool for your business. Let’s begin! 

Benefits of SiteLock Security 

Besides malware protection, SiteLock offers several other features and benefits that can help your business in the longer run. Here’s a look at some of those. 

  1. Daily in-depth 360-degree scanning 

Malware is malicious software that steals your business website’s critical data and information, compromises financial transactions, or modifies certain files—causing a great amount of damage to your business and reputation. 

SiteLock Website Security scans your website daily to detect such malware and remove them automatically—alerting you about the same. This everyday scanning eliminates the risks of malware and online attacks to a great extent. 

  1. Boosts your SEO efforts and search engine ranking 

The main priority of search engines like Google is to ensure utmost security to the users and high user experience. Therefore, it automatically pushes websites with lower security and without SiteLock down the Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP)—reducing its Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance

Moreover, if your website has a lot of vulnerabilities and loopholes, there are high chances of Google blacklisting your website. 

Thus, having SiteLock Security will not only boost your SEO performance and help you achieve a high search engine ranking, but it’ll also eliminate the risks of search engine blacklisting—enhancing user experience. 

  1. Improves business reliability and credibility 

When you use SiteLock to protect your website, it gets a badge that says your website’s been protected by SiteLock. 

Displaying this SiteLock Website Security trust seal lets your customers and website visitors know and recognise your business security— thus, enhancing your business trust, reputation, reliability, and credibility. 

In addition, it also authenticates and verifies your domain ownership, email address, phone number and validates your SSL Certificate, which further enhances your business credibility. 


Considering the increasing and inevitable cyberattacks, having top-notch website security is imperative. 

Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of waiting for the attacks to happen and spending valuable time, money, and effort in removing them while experiencing website downtimes—you can instead prevent the attacks in the first place and keep your website up and running securely. 

Therefore, if you’re not yet using a robust security website tool, get in touch with a reliable web hosting company and choose a suitable SiteLock Security plan that matches your business needs.