There were times when to create a website, you would need a website designer who would code, design, and support it to keep it running. But with advancements in technology and with the help of website builders, you can create a website on your own by choosing a solution from an ideal website domain and hosting provider. 

So website creation is easy peasy as you no longer need technical coding knowledge to build a solid website. So what is a website builder? A website builder is a supporting tool allowing individuals and businesses to build a website without extensive technical coding language and skills.

It is an advanced drag-and-drop-based tool that allows to design and customise the website based on a pre-designed template created with a user-friendly interface. 

Further, the best web builders also provide unique features such as layout customisation, colour palettes, and widgets to design a website per your brand requirement. Therefore, if you are looking for a fast and effortless way to create a website, a website builder may be the most suitable option. 

This article will look into website builder and how it works.

How Does Website Builder Work?

Whether a business website builder or an individual, a website builder works similarly to any software like MS Word or Paint. Similar to this software, it helps you create and edit documents; a website builder allows you to design and customise web pages without requiring comprehensive coding or web development details.

It is tough to determine how they work, as codes are the ones that do the magic, but like this software, the website builder has a pre-designed template, and you need to pick one and, with the help of the drag and drop button customised it as per your choice.

  • First is to start by selecting a template that defines the look and feel of your website. 
  • Then, you merely use a drag-and-drop editor to build your business website by reworking the template, creating content and creating new pages based on yours. 

The Drag-and-drop helps in dragging and dropping elements and content to your website. 

For example, you can provide headings, texts, images, videos, and other details. Ultimately, you see precisely how your website will appear when it goes live.

Website Builder Templates

Website templates are pre-designed layouts provided to help you design your website. If you look closely, most e-commerce websites have similar interface layouts, even if they don’t have the same palate or design.

They have search bars on the top, a cart option on the side, a menu on either side, the best deals option on the front, and a scroll-down option with hundred different products that are new arrivals or being sold at a discount with each categorisation, whether its fresh arrivals or any other and this is easily possible due to a website builder.   

Moreover, 60% of small businesses prefer to build their website using a website builder as it is easy to use, cost-effective and offers innumerable customisation options.

With the simple edit option, you change the theme, alter text and images, and add specific pages and elements. In addition, several best Australian website builders offer a wide range of customisation and easy-to-use interface options that help you create a professional and appealing website.

Things to Remember while Building a Website using a Website Builder Template 

  • You don’t get the best design and structure on the first try; you must constantly evolve it based on present trends.
  • The idea is not to publish it; the idea is to make the website friendly; therefore, widgets will be expanded and added later.
  • Focus on site layout and easy navigation.
  • The primary site has Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, and a Blog. 
  • Understand the importance of scrolling, clicking and navigating. 
  • Create a blueprint before you start. 

Website Builder and SEO

When you build a website for the first time, you can’t expect it to rank at the top of Google search results. They can be on ranking on the 25th page for a complex keyword; therefore, to help your website rank higher, you need to use a technique called search engine optimisation.SEO consists of the following –

  1. Title tags that define the topic of the article and appear on search snippets to help viewers know the content.
  2. Meta Description is a TLDR of a webpage summarising the content (not more than 155 words) shown in a search under the title tag.
  3. Alt-Text demonstrates to the search engine what an image depicts.

Most website builders permit you to add alt-text, title tags, and meta descriptions. Although ineffective, they work best with robots.txt files and many backlinks.


A website builder is an incredible tool that has changed the overall perspective of website building, making the experience flexible, customisable, cost-effective, controllable, and easy. 

You do not need training or learning, just trial and testing, to get the best output for your website.