From Hublot to TAG, luxury brands aren’t giving up on smartwatches

It has been five years since the big Swiss watch brands first responded to the emergence of the Apple Watch. What was once seen as a slightly anaemic offering has been significantly improved since: TAG Heuer and Montblanc have released updated versions of their Connected and Summit watches, and Tissot has turned its long-standing T-Touch platform into a genuine smartwatch.

The latest to enter the fray is Hublot, with the launch this week of the Big Bang E. With other players including Louis Vuitton and Frederique Constant also well established, it is clear that, despite the Apple Watch outselling the

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Sonos Arc soundbar review: Superb, but not perfect

Sonos is the company that single-handedly legitimised the idea of wireless, multi-room audio for the masses. And it’s built on its subsequent ubiquity not by breaking any more new ground, but by watching which way the market it inspired is going, and then delivering forcefully competitive alternatives to those products trying to horn in on its territory.

Judiciously, the gaps in its model range are being filled. The Beam soundbar from a couple of years ago put Sonos at the forefront of the ‘reasonably affordable yet high-performance’ soundbar market. Last year’s Move speaker finally addressed the brand’s need for a

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The ultimate tools for home mechanics and DIY devotees

That squeaky floorboard? The wonky worktop? Those shonky shelves? Have you tackled any of these niggling but necessary DIY tasks during the last 70-plus days of lockdown? No? You’ve had plenty of time to consider your plan of attack – what’s stopping you? Of course, you need the right tools! Indeed, no self-respecting mechanic or home tinkerer of any stripe should take on any household or auto repairs without the correct gear. Just look at how many different types of screwdriver there are.

This selection will serve well for jobs big and small, whether you are looking to clad your

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Every single bit of IKEA’s smart-home gear reviewed and rated

IKEA has an ever-expanding collection of smart-home products – from lighting control and wireless charging to Sonos-partnered speakers and remote controls. Confused about the right smart-home gear for you? We’ve taken a detailed look at the lot to let you know definitively which are worth adding to your big blue bag (alongside the frozen meatballs and tea lights).

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TRÅDFRI Gateway kit, E27

Pros: Superb value; practical remote; voice control; good light quality
Cons: Clunky

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